Feel welcome to join the second meeting of Brain Biology Club – serial workshop on neurological disorders organized by International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science. On 14th of May at 4pm (CET) Dr Maciej Lalowski (University of Helsinki and I BCh PAS) will    present his talk entitled “Assessing the proteome dynamics in healthy brain and neurodegenerative states using omics and imaging mass spectrometry” (abstract). Link to the seminar is available here.

We want to use the Brain Biology Club to bring together researchers (at first those in Edinburgh and Gdansk) based on the ‘Cancer Vaccine Science Centre’ that has been developed since 2017 as a joint research Unit between Gdansk and Edinburgh Universities. Although we would normally have this as a one-day intensive workshop on site in Gdansk, this will now be divided over ~ 12 months in order to develop some themes. Why do we want to develop some themes? One main aim is to develop an EMBO workshop in Gdansk on brain science/ biology. This brain science is a vast area, but we might focus on for example, technologies/models applied to brain science or rare genetic diseases that  impact on brain biology, for example. A related aim is to develop an EU horizon grant and a final aim is to learn about cutting edge R&D in genetically and environmentally driven changes in the biology of the brain. Over time, as we discuss some of our research and ideas, likely we can develop some strategy for developing new research in several areas from cancer through to ageing diseases.

Dr Maciej Lalowski
Dr Maciej Lalowski