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Stipend holders

Stipend holders- both students and PhD students - are members of a research group. They are selected by the leader in an open competition based on transparent criteria, according to the rules described in the Competition Documentation (more information in the Recruitment section).
Stipend holders

Student – a person with the status of a 1st – 2nd-cycle student (or equivalent) participating in the IRAP project.

PhD student – a person with the status of student of 3rd cycle studies or an equivalent programme who participates in the IRAP project under the supervision of a research group leader.

Renumeration of stipend holders

Students selected in the competition receive personal scholarships. PhD students may become team members on the basis of either a scholarship or an employment contract. The amount of scholarships are proposed by the Project Manager in consultation with the team leader.

PhD students engaged in the project on a stipend basis have the possibility to receive scholarship within the doctoral school and a supplement up to the stipend amount provided for in the Competition Documentation of the programme concerned within the framework of named research fellowships in the project. In case the doctoral school can increase the number of PhD students beyond the number resulting from the availability of national funds for doctoral education, the doctoral school may cover the PhD scholarship and its supplement up to the amount envisaged in the IRAP Competition Documentation from the IRAP project funds.

Individual research stipend agreements for students and PhD students are paid on the basis of agreements concluded at the request of the Project Manager between the Foundation, the Project Manager and the student or PhD student.

Graphic description: The scholarship financing rules apply to two groups of stipend holders: Students (for whom the suggested stipend amount is from PLN 1,500 to 2,500 per month) and PhD students (for whom the maximum suggested stipend amount is up to PLN 4,500 net per month). The scholarship for students is financed from the project funds on the basis of a tri-party agreement concluded at the request of the Grantee between the scholarship holder, the Grantee and the FNP.

The scholarship for PhD students is financed in one of three options:

--solely by funding a statutory stipend from the doctoral school,

--by financing the statutory scholarship from the doctoral school in combination with financing the scholarship from project funds,
or by financing the scholarship entirely from the project’s funds on the basis of a tri-party agreement concluded at the request of the Grantee between the scholarship holder, the Grantee and the FNP (applies only to doctoral students from outside the doctoral school).

Funding of a statutory stipend from the doctoral school is possible when the doctoral school does not have the possibility to fund a statutory stipend from its own resources, i.e. when the principle of additionality of European funds is met. This principle refers to the case when additional positions funded from the project resources are created in the doctoral school, i.e. a position exceeding the number of positions funded from national resources. In cases like this, the project budget allows for reimbursement of the stipend or funding in a combined option, that is with the project stipend.

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