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Funding the purchase of specialised equipment (“Equipment grant”)

Funding conditions

Funding for the purchase of specialized equipment supports projects under the International Research Agendas (IRAP) Programme.

The call for proposals envisages financing the purchase of specialist equipment understood as a set of testing, measurement or laboratory devices with a low degree of universality and high technical parameters.

Within the framework of the competition it is possible to purchase equipment necessary for the significant development of the project and/or the development of the R&D human resources engaged in the project, provided that the IRAP unit does not have equipment that could be used as an alternative, and gaining access to such equipment at another unit is impossible or unjustified from an economic point of view.

The competition is on a rolling basis from 2 October 2017 until funds are exhausted.

The applicant in the competition is the head of the IRAP unit together with the scientific unit in which the project is implemented. Applicants may apply for the competition after concluding the grant agreement, but no later than 18 months before the project completion date.

The requested amount of equipment acquisition should not exceed PLN 3,500,000 however, the IRAP project manager may submit several applications within the competition. In justified cases, the Foundation may accept funding applications exceeding the amount suggested above.

To enter the competition, apply online at

PLEASE NOTE: The call for applications for the Competition is suspended until further notice.

Settlement for the purchase of specialist equipment

The purchase of specialist equipment is settled in accordance with the signed supplementary agreement in two stages:


After signing the supplementary contract for the purchase of the specialist equipment, the IRAP unit receives the first installment of funding amounting to 70% of the grant. Subsequently, it organizes and conducts a procedure for selecting a contractor to carry out the contract in accordance with the proposal for which the grant for the purchase of specialist equipment was awarded. In order to receive the second installment of the grant, it is necessary to submit to FNP certified true copies of signed contracts with contractors for the supply of specialist equipment. Contracts with contractors may be additionally transferred via the FNP system in a form of scans of signed contracts –


Upon completion of the specialty equipment purchase, it is necessary to submit the purchase as part of the chronologically closest financial report from the IRAP project master grant.

Completion of the specialist equipment purchase means that:

  1. Equipment was delivered to the Unit
  2. Payment for the equipment has been made
  3. The Unit registered the equipment into its fixed assets (in accordance with the unit’s accounting policy)
  4. Unit owns signed protocols of acceptance / installation / commissioning of equipment with the note “accepted without reservation”.

Until all the above four stages have been completed the purchase should not be submitted for settlement together with the financial statements. If the purchase of specialist equipment is carried out in parts within the framework of several contracts with suppliers, it is necessary that for each of the contracts the stages of purchase realization defined in sections 1-4 have been completed. Only then is it possible to report on the settlement of the supplementary contract.

For questions about the competition and the settlement of specialist equipment purchased under the competition, please contact the coordinators and contract and payment officers, respectively, responsible for your project.

Documents to download

Settling of purchases of specialist equipment aquired under the competition

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