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For Grant Recipients

The International Research Agendas programme provides support for specialised, independent research units in Poland which will pursue international research agendas in strategic cooperation with renowned scientific institutions from other countries. The scope of the proposed research as well as the project lead’s international standing are key for the research centre’s success and its international scientific visibility. The challenge itself as well as the proposed means of solving it must be important enough so that the results of the research will be likely to be published in top scientific/scholarly journals and presented at prestigious scientific meetings.


A set of documents regulating the work of the IRA unit - Competition Documentation, Expenditure Eligibility Guide and Recommendations

Progress reporting

Information on project evaluation and reporting deadlines

Financial reporting

Information on how to handle project expenditures, VAT settlement and submission of financial reports

Public procurement

Information on making purchases in the project

Funding the purchase of specialised equipment (“Equipment grant”)

Information on financing and settlement for the purchase of specialised equipment


Details on recruiting students, PhD students, postdocs and group leaders, engaging senior postdocs and visiting researchers, as well as guidelines for drafting recruitment protocols

Stipend holders

Information regarding the status and remuneration of stipend holders

Promotion of the programme

Principles of project labeling and eligibility of expenditure related to promotion


European Funds - Smart Growth Republic of Poland European Union - European Regional Delepoment Fund

The International Research Agendas Programme, conducted by the Foundation for Polish Science is financed by the European fund within the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2020, Measure 4.3. International Research Agendas.

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