Quantum Optical Devices Laboratory (QOD)


Dr. Michał Parniak-Niedojadło


Orcid 0000-0002-6849-4671Orcid 0000-0002-6849-4671
Dr. Michał Parniak-Niedojadło is a junior group leader in the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies QOT. His research interests cover a range of topics in quantum optics, such as single photon detection, optical quantum information processing and communication, atomic ensembles, nonlinear optics and quantum optomechanics. Within QOT he develops experimental implementations of quantum protocols designed by the theory groups, and maintains close experimental collaboration with prof. Wojciech Wasilewski (QOT) and prof. Eugene Polzik (Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen). His most significant scientific achievements include demonstrating superresolution in imaging using two-photon interference, demonstration of the record-breaking quantum memory in terms of its capacity, and demonstration of first entanglement of macroscopic spin and mechanical systems.


The QOD Lab explores fundamentals and applications of optical devices operating in the quantum regime. Our focus lies in imaging systems, where we use quantum information theory to enhance classical imaging systems and work toward constructing new microscopes that will utilize the full quantum information present in the optical field. We also explore quantum nonlinear processes that occur in atomic media, in order to implement quantum image processing at the single-photon level. For this, we aim to employ giant Rydberg atoms that can mediate interactions between photons. Finally, we also use atomic media to explore imaging in the time-frequency domain.