Quantum Memories Laboratory (QM)


Prof. Wojciech Wasilewski


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Prof. Wojciech Wasilewski received a PhD degree from Nicolaus Copernicus University (Toruń, Poland) and specializes in quantum physics. For many years he’s been affiliated with the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw and in 2018 became the head of the Quantum Memories Laboratory. Prof. Wasilewski is an author of numerous publications, laureate of SONATA 2 and OPUS 11. Furthermore he is the first Pole who has received the prestigious 2020 ICO Prize for “seminal contributions to experimental work in the field of multi-mode quantum memories, demonstrating systems with both outstanding storage capacity and remarkably extensive range of operations”.


Within the QM Lab we develop techniques of precise control of single photon holograms encoded in an ultracold atomic ensemble by means of strong laser light. In particular, we seek to demonstrate the modulation of stored atomic holograms as well as new method to retrieve holograms that are typically unretrievable by means of typical Raman-scattering schemes. Our research forms an important part of the lively field of quantum memories research. It is also one of very few scenarios that explores spatial properties of light and atomic ensembles. Development of holography-inspired methods and ways to manipulate stored holograms will lead to a processing scheme, in which we will be able to create, manipulate and retrieve holograms in a variety of new complex ways.