Functional Materials Technology


Prof. Dorota A. Pawlak


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Dorota A. Pawlak, DAP obtained her PhD (1999) and habilitation (2013) degrees at the University of Warsaw, Chemistry Dept. DAP was a Head of the Department of Functional Materials at Ł-ITME/Ł-IMiF, Leader of the Laboratory of Materials Technologies at the Chemistry Dept. at UW, first coordinator of a collaborative NMP FP7 EU-funded Project in Poland (5 mln. EUR), laureate of two TEAM Projects (FNP), holding grants from such foreign institutions as the Air Force Office for Scientific Research in U.S. Currently she leads Teaming for Excellence H2020 and IRAP (30 mln. EUR) projects and is the president of the board of the ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence. DAP works on the interface between crystal growth, nanophotonics and new materials concepts. She proposed utilizing the crystal growth techniques for metamaterials and plasmonic materials applications – which is a novel idea within the world research community.


This group is responsible for development of the novel material technologies, based on the technologies already developed in DAP’s team (directional eutectic solidification, eutectic layers, nanoparticles direct doping, directional solidification of organic and inorganic single crystals and composites as well as any necessary developments. The group will develop materials according to the specific needs/properties/functionalities and applications which the other groups will work on/look for. This group will also be a ‘materials scouting’ group developing new materials and proposing potential new research ideas and directions on a materials basis.