Research Group no. 4 (Lab 4 i WG 4)


Prof. IHPP PAS Dmitry Lyubchenko


Orcid 0000-0003-1443-403XOrcid 0000-0003-1443-403X
Prof. IHPP PAS Dmitri V. Lioubtchenko received BSc, MSc and his PhD degree in applied physics and mathematics from the Department of Physical and Quantum Electronics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1998. In 1998, he joined the Radio Laboratory of Aalto University, Finland, where he was a Docent from 2005. He has more than 20-year experience in electrical engineering, especially in the development of new materials for millimeter, microwave, and optoelectronic applications particularly, on the development of active and passive dielectric waveguides and components for the frequency range above 100 GHz. He has published more than 100 papers in refereed books, journals and in the conference proceedings. He is also an author of two monographs on millimetre wave components and on dielectric rod waveguides and resonators.


Lab 4 team is entrusted with exploring new possibilities in diffractive optics, new types of materials, and strong and active functional systems. This is aimed at combining THz radiation with devices and components based, inter alia, on wide-band-gap materials and carbon nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes). WG4 deals with determining material parameters, designing passive structures, such as antennas, lenses and filters, as well as optimising their connections to active THz devices and providing characteristics of developed systems.