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A laureate of the Foundation for Polish Science solves a puzzle of the quantum spin Hall effect

A virtually exact Hall resistance quantization to a value reliant only on the Planck constant h and electron charge e in two-dimensional systems under strong magnetic fields not only demonstrated the role of topology in condensed matter physics but also played a crucial role in redefining S.I. units in terms of constants of nature in 2019. Furthermore, the accuracy of metrological relevance has also been achieved in the case of

“Nauka dla innowacji” (“Science for Innovation”) – a series of podcasts with the winners of the International Research Agendas programme

On 21 February, the first interview with Prof. Tomasz Bulik from the Science and Technology Center in Particle Astrophysics (AstroCeNT) and the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw was broadcast. In the podcast, Professor Bulik explains how gravitational wave astronomy has moved from a laughing stock to become a great new tool for scientific insight.   Listen to the podcast with Professor

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The International Research Agendas Programme, conducted by the Foundation for Polish Science is financed by the European fund within the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2020, Measure 4.3. International Research Agendas.

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