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Loss of the Y chromosome and the severe course of COVID-19 in men

A scientific team of Prof. Jan Dumanski, director of the International Research Agenda 3P – Medicine Laboratory in collaboration with researchers from Uppsala University, has published a paper entitled Loss of Y in leukocytes as a risk factor for critical COVID-19 in men in the journal Genome Medicine (IF=15.266). Co-authors of the publication are specianlists for Medicine Laboratory: Natalia Filipowicz, Ph.D., Magdalena Wójcik, Ph.D., Edyta

MAB’s rich oncology collection

At the beginning of July, the collection of biological material samples from oncology patients at the Medical University of Gdańsk exceeded 1,000 donors. A total of 13,150 blood, plasma, skin, tumour and healthy tissue samples were collected for them. By staying active in patient recruitment, the collection is soon expected to become one of the largest oncology collections in Poland. The specialised
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